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Science Fiction, Action
Doug Liman
Steven Gould

Reflex is a science-fiction/action film, release date is unknown. It will be directed by Doug Liman, who directed Jumper. The only known returning cast member (so far) is Hayden Christensen as David Rice. Jumper 2 may or may not follow Reflex, the second novel in the Jumper series.

Not much is known on the movie. The first movie only followed the first novel in the beginning, so chances of this movie to follow Reflex are very slim. If it does follow the plot of Reflex, Millie Harrison will learn to teleport. If the film does not follow Reflex, there may not be a part for Griffin O'Connor, Roland Cox or David's mother. Another possible plot element, which was hinted at in the end of the first Jumper film, is that David will be being pursued by his mother, who is a paladin. He may have to fight her. Hayden Christensen will return as David Rice.

-Rachel Bilson will probably return as Millie Harrison.

-The fate of Griffin O'Connor was not sealed in the first film, so Jamie Bell may return in the second film to play Griffin. If Griffin does return, it is unlikely that he and David will be on good terms, seeing as they ended up trying to kill each other at the end of the first film and David left Griffin to die.

-The fate of Roland Cox was not sealed either, though it is unlikely that he managed to survive. If Roland did survive, then he will probably return and try to kill David yet again. Samuel L. Jackson will probably play Roland again if he does return for the second film.

-It's known that Gerard Butler will play the villain 

-This film has ceased production. 

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