Mary Rice
Biographical Information
Name Mary Rice
Gender Female
Status Deceased (book)
Alive (film)
Affiliation Herself (book)
Paladins (film only)
Physical Description
Family Members Arthur Niles (father)
Unnamed mother
Carl Rice (ex-husband)
David Rice (son)
Sophie Drake (daughter; film only)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by (Diane Lane)

Mary Rice is David's mother who left the family four years prior to the start of the series due to her husband's abusive behavior.


After being severely beaten by her husband which resulted in her being put in the hospital, Mary eventually divorced him and left the house but was unable to take David with her due to unknown circumstances.

David manages to locate and reunite with his long-lost mother. Mary explained to him that all her attempts to contact David over the years were intercepted by his father who destroyed all her letters and took the money she sent for David.

While on a business trip, she was killed by terrorists led by Rashid Matar when her plane is hijacked.

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