Roland Cox

Roland Cox is the leader of the paladins. He claims to be a member of NSA and CIA. He hunts jumpers and after catching them, he uses a special blade that he carries with him to kill the jumpers. Roland will do whatever he can to kill jumpers. He has been trying to kill Griffin O'Connor for a long time, but has been unsuccessful (he has badly injured him, however). Griffin has also been trying to kill him, but Roland is the most skilled of all the paladins and is very difficult to kill, even for Griffin, who specializes in killing paladins. Roland hunts down David Rice (who is a jumper) and badly injures (or kills) his father. Roland is forced to fight both David and Griffin at once when the two jumpers team up. Roland traps David with electric wires and fights Griffin all out. He gets knocked through a wall and then dodges a huge bus that was thrown at him by Griffin. Roland and Griffin then go through a jump scar into Millie's apartment (which is on fire) and continue to fight each other. Neither one can kill the other but Griffin manages to grab the paladins machine and escape, preventing Roland from coming back to the lair. Roland then pulls Millie into the apartment through the scar, holding her as a hostage. After David incapacitates Griffin in a fight, David goes to save Millie. Roland pins him to the wall and is about to kill him but David jumps the entire apartment to the river and then to the library. Roland is badly injured and David then jumps him to an abandoned cave in the Grand Canyon. David leaves him there and Roland is trapped. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it is unlikely that he managed to escape, so he probably died.


  •  Roland Cox is not in the Jumper novel, but is probably a different version of Brian Cox, who is in the book and is a protaganist near the end of the novel. Brian tries to capture David and eventually gives up, becoming allies with him. In REFLEX, Brian Cox is killed.
  • Roland is played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film.
  • With Roland dead, Griffin now has 9 Paladins whom he is currently tracking.