David Rice teleporting from Paris to Egypt

A Teleport, or "Jump", is when a person dissapears from one spot and instantly reappears in another. There is no travel time in a teleport, enabling people who can use this ability (Jumpers) to be able to go from one side of the planet to the other in a split second. The Jumper series revolves around this unique ability and how people use it in the world.

Jumper and ReflexEdit

In these two books, jumping does not have travel time. Jumping requires a certain amount of energy/strenght (if the jumper is exhausted or badly injured, they may not be able to teleport). Jumps can be sucessfully completed when the jumper is carrying another person or object with them (even very heavy objects). Jumps can not be completed if the jumper is chained or handcuffed (or restrained in any way by something other that attatches them to something) to something else. If the jumper attempts to teleport when restrained by something, they will be in serious pain.

Jumper: Griffins Story and Jumper (2008 Film)Edit

In Jumper: Griffins Story and Jumper (2008 Film), jumping is slightly different. Jumps can be sensed by certain beings (Paladins) and "Sloppy" jumps (a jump when the jumper is not focused) cause the enviroment in which the jumper teleports to to be disturbed (knocking things over or breaking things, causing things to fly through the air). Also, teleports leave Jumpscars. Teleports can be stopped abrubtly through use of electricity, which interferes with the jumpers nervous system and continuously pulls them back through the hole, effectively preventing them from jumping.